Friday, August 1, 2008

A Turkish Henna Night

Tonight, Michelle and I went to the Turkish American Women's Association Coffee Night here in Austin. These are Turkish women living here in Austin, but they miss their beloved Turkey. So once a month, they invite their Austin neighbors/friends/coworkers to come for a night of learning about Turkish culture (plus eating Turkish food and drinking Turkish coffee).

Tonight's theme was "Henna Night", which is traditionally the night before the wedding when all the women celebrate with the bride. She dresses in a red dress, they since songs and dance, they try to make the bride sad and cry (because she is supposed to be sad to leave behind her family to move in with her new husband), and they henna her hands. Henna is a natural pigment that, when applied to the skin, leaves a stain (plus it smells great). Michelle and a few other familiar faces all volunteered to play the role of the "bride" and have their hands henna-d. (So did a lot of the already married Turkish women there--- because it's just plain fun!). Enjoy the photos...
Michelle, Anneke, and Laura with Gulsah (the TAWA president, center) and two other ladies from the coffee night.

Michelle (who was forced to wear the bride's crown) shows off her henna hand-- she was the first to try it... because IIIII volunteered her!

Anneke being painted by a super talented woman while Summer looks on.

Laura, posing with her henna artist... her henna was green colored and really beautiful!


shaw said...

i'm thrilled that yall went tonight!

R. M. said...

Yea! What a fun night this was!

the peck family said...

michelle makes quite a beautiful turkish bride! ;)

robin inks said...

why did you not get henna-ed??