Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miniatures... of Food??

I had dinner with a friend tonight at Kerbey Lane and when we were walking out there were two plates set out at the hostess podium (ones like you might usually find specials of the day displayed). But the plates were almost all empty and white. So much so that it caught my attention. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that-- in fact-- they WERE displaying food. Miniature food. I was so tickled that I whipped out my phone to record this RANDOMNESS!
The picture above is of 3 meals served at Kerbey and a QUARTER from my wallet to show scale. The hostess said all the displays are actually made from the food they are meaning to display. On the left, pancakes/eggs/bacon/garnish... in the center, french toast with powdered sugar sprinkles... on the right, a hamburger with sweet potato fried.
Above, is a close up of the miniature of the burger (dressed with lettuce) and krinkle fries.
Above, is a close-up of the pancakes (with butter and syrup), bacon, and scrambled eggs. I guess Tuesday nights are slow...

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