Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Own Personal Stalker

I have my own personal stalker. His name is Lucky. Everday I sit at my desk to work on my computer, the blinds open so I can look outside. And everyday, he is there.
He sits perfectly at attention and just stares. He can actually see me and if I move, his eyes follow me. I put words to his thoughts sometimes: "Open the door, open the door, open, open, open! Plllleeeeeaaaassseeee let me in... I just want to beeeee with you, mommy!"
He cannot stand to be away from me. Andy and I joke about his "separation anxiety," due to his "abandonment issues" (he has a history of these issues: see below, it started YOUNG!).
Joking aside, when I sit at my desk and just see him out there pleading, I must give in. I let him in, while the other dogs gleefully remain outside playing all day. He just wants to be where ever I am. I run to the store, he's dying to go with me. I move from my office to the living room, he follows. I literaly step 2 feet from my kitchen sink to the stove and he gets up to move closer. It is sad. It is precious. He is my stalker. My little Lucky.


Anonymous said...

I have stalkers too. Three of them. But if I had to pick 3 stalkers to stalk me, I'd pick them for sure!

robin inks said...

oh my gosh! baby butt! oh i remember when he was that small! cute little guy grew up to be an anna-groupie

Leticia Ana said...

love your blog!! :)