Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seed Effect Gives Their First Loans

Today 19 lives were changed in Sudan. Through SeedEffect.org, micro-loans are being given out to help Sudanese entrepreneurs start or expand businesses to help provide for their families. Today is a GOOD DAY!

Between the near 20 women who went through the Seed Effect training, they have 40 children whose care they are responsible for. Today, these 20 loans will help feed (both spiritually & physically) 80 mouths. God is GOOD!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Muslims in America

Today, some friends and I went to tour a local mosque in Austin as part of a class that works to build bridges between Muslims and Christians in America. The Imam that showed us around also prepared an excellent presentation for us about what it's like to be a Muslim. Our mutual hope was to gain greater understanding of our neighbors right here in Austin.

The intro to his presentation was a great music video put together by a Muslim COUNTRY singer! Here is the Youtube version of the video. It gives American Muslims a chance to tell you about themselves (it's similar to the "cardboard stories" video our church did this past spring). Thought yall'd enjoy learning something about the brothers & sisters that also call America "HOME!"