Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prepare Yourself...

I can't wait for the day that I am out there DOING SOMETHING about this, life completely turned upside down, forsaken comfort and normalcy, and apathy... God stir in my life the pathway to change.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Egypt Team's Garage Sale-- SATURDAY

Hi friends!I want to invite you all to come out to our Egypt Team's Garage Sale THIS SATURDAY, Dec 6th from 8am-2pm!

What: Egypt Team GARAGE SALE
Date: Saturday, Dec 6th
Time: 8am-2pm
Location: 1609 Bush Coat Lane, Austin, Tx 78754 (Jonathan Bowman's house)

In late January of 2009, I am headed to Egypt with nine gals from the Stone to serve the people there in a couple of different ways. As a team, we are each trying to raise $2500 in order to go... and this garage sale is one of our efforts to raise support. We hope that you can stop by and support us... it is a 10-family garage sale (so it should be chalk full of lots to choose from)! Every dollar helps us get one step closer to our goal, so we hope to make some good headway this weekend. If you cannot make it to the garage sale, but would still like to support our team, please email me and I will get you a donor card.

Join us in prayer this week, asking God to provide all the funds necessary for every team member to be able to go. Also, begin praying even now that God would bear fruit through our team in our efforts to serve the people of Egypt spiritually, physically, and emotionally. The things we get to participate in (service wise) are simply amazing and we are all excited to see how God moves in very tangible ways while we are there!

with Him,
anna melvin
The Team: Laura Applegath, Wendy Jo Cox, Michelle Enriquez, Cara Kyle, Melanie Kowalik, Skipper McWithey, Anna Melvin, Leticia Mosqueda, Heather Rountree, and Anita Smith