Friday, April 3, 2009

Funny Moments with Michelle (brought to you from Turkey)

I had a great time hanging out with Michelle last week in Turkey. We laughed a lot, saw a lot, gabbed a lot, and even prayed some in between. Sadly for Michelle, she was often the object of my camera since I prefer to stay behind the lens. So, here's a montage of Michelle moments from our travels...
Michelle in a wildflower field at Laodicea waving to everyone back home in the States.
Michelle, disapproving of the Sultan's HAREM chambers.
Michelle bringing the heat from atop an ancient pulpit from the Hagia Sophia church.
A: "Michelle, go stand by that wall."
M: "Ok. why?"
A: "So I can take a picture of how they tried to change the engraved crosses after they turned the church into a mosque."
M: "I didn't even notice. That's interesting... they just scratched off the top half."
Please email Michelle and ask her what this is all about. Or look on her blog for an update coming soon!
Michelle pointing out the "Extra Love Tea" for sale in the spice market.
Michelle learning how to make a carpet.
Much to my surprise, Michelle is a germ-a-phobe. They rarely use sheets in Turkey, just a bottom sheet and a comforter in our hotel. She refused to let the comforter touch her so she slept under her raincoat all night.
Two girls, 5 bags and a guitar. For 1 week.
Michelle waving to "her subjects" from the throne in Sardis, which we later learned was used to display the Holy Books (faux paux).

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Michelle said...

my, my, the subject of these photos i must say that it's a miracle i have any friends at all!