Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Old Lady Face

In the last month I have been tanning like I am 16 again. I seem to have forgotten that the sun and/or our atmosphere have changed a bit in the last 15 years (yes, that means I’m 31). But, once I got my initial sunburn the first week in June, I have been piling on the sun—minus the sunscreen—day after day… because, you know, once you have a base you don’t burn anymore (remember that theory we used to buy in?). Once I started looking tan, I even joked with Andy taunting him into a “tan off” to see who get more tan by the end of the summer. It was ON!

I have been exercising outside, fishing outside, reading outside… even wireless internet-ing outside. Anything to add to the color. Two weeks ago, when I met my Turkish Conversation Partner for coffee, she double-took when I walked in and immediately asked what was wrong with my face—“it’s all… brown (in a completely grossed out tone of voice)?” Apparently other cultures recognize the stupidity of tanning more than we do.

This weekend, I was driving in the car and caught a close-up glimpse of my face in the rear view mirror—and to my horror: SUN SPOTS – ON MY FACE!!! I’m used to them on my legs, maybe my shoulders—but big spots on my face is NOT what I signed up for. I shrieked and called Andy immediately—“I have liver spots on my face!” “What?” “Liver spots!” “But you're not in your 80s…” “EXACTLY!” (By the way, I am not sure if they are called liver spots, officially, but that’s what they are called in my head.)

So now I have a vision of a spotty, old-looking face at the ripe age of 31! I can see my future now…

Remind me to invest in some sunscreen before it’s too late!


hilary said...'ll be beautiful! :-) I recently heard that the most dangerous time in the sun (for the skin) is sun exposure before age 30. That's when most of the damage is done. So...we're safe :-) ha!

Anonymous said...

Uhm. yeah. let's add some sunscreen to that daily outdoor routine you've got going. On the positive side, you're stocking up on the Vitamin D! :)