Saturday, July 26, 2008


One night after hitting the "rock bars" (what Turks call music clubs) looking for places to play on our trip in October, Fikret—our Turkish friend/tour guide—instructed us to try a famous Turkish dish. It was well after 2am and the street scene was winding down, but about every second block was a little cart on the curb with a man grilling “co-co-wretch” (spelled phonetically here). (Side note: the other blocks contained the second option of food at that hour… mussels in the shell served with lemon… sitting out in a box… not on ice… just ready for you to pop in your mouth right there.)

Fikret says that co-co-wretch is a food you only eat after 1am. Which tickles me that Turks have a “late night” equivalent. When I was in college, “late night” was always the best. You would get home from a long night out and be dying for a Whataburger or Taco Cabana (the two 24 hr fast food spots in Austin). So, after buying us what looked like a cheesesteak sandwich to me, Fikret asked for my camera to capture the moment of us eating this delicacy. Which, in mid-bite, he tells us is intestines roasted on a spit. Mmmmm. But we tried it none-the-less. Here’s the pics to prove it!

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