Monday, July 14, 2008

My Babies

So, this blog just isn't complete yet because I have yet to put anything about my babies on it. I have shied away from posting about the dogs because everyone who spends time around me already knows I'm just a little (overly) fond of my pups. But as Andy and I were preparing to do some traveling, I thought-- what better place to have pictures of these cute dogs (so I could hop online and see them any where in the world)! I actually videoed them during meal time last night and this morning to document the drama that is "food time!" But I couldn't get the blog to upload it (bum!). But if you have ever helped Andy and I out by feeding the dogs for us before, you know how award-winning-ly hysterical the scene is! Perhaps I can get it to post another time. For now, the old school still shots will have to do... My precious LADY-- she always looks like she'd in trouble and having to give us the oogle eyes to get back on our good side. My most needy child, LUCKY, who's favorite past-time is a dead tie between fetching his toy in the water and running suicides to and from my car door and the back door when I get home.
And the pappy, APPLEJACK, who looks like a grandpa and is the most docile, loyal dog in the world. (He's also recently been a super-snuggler to his momma and I'm lovin' every minute of it!)


jenredrose said...

They are SO cute! I am so glad you got to read "Theirs is the kingdom". It is so inspiring. We are doing well. We are attending a house church that meets 3 doors down from our new house.....SO FUN...we are wrestling though some the of the same issues as the book describes. We close on Thursday (please pray)! I am ready to be a home owner again not a "houses owner"! Love you and miss you!

robin inks said...

i love the poopies!