Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Haiti Response

Well friends, through a strange (and only God-orchestrated) chain of events, I am headed to Haiti on Feb 1st for a week to help resettle orphaned children from Port-au-Prince to a different (existing) orphanage in another part of the country. I know very little about what the story is, except that there was an orphanage in PAP that collapsed during the earthquake and they are moving those children. But additionally, the orphanage director is going around to PAP hospitals and seeing if there are any children who lost their families that need to also find a new home.

I am traveling with Visiting Orphans. I am friends with their Executive Director Amanda (her blog here) and we literally reconnected like last week for the first time in years (God has plans, people!). A lot of people on the team are medically trained, and then there's people like me who's sole job is to just love on those kids, with the love that CHRIST has for them.

I received a "NEEDS LIST" over email today for medical supplies I can bring down (see below). But I also think if I could bring down some NEW underwear (ages 3-16) and some arts/crafts supplies that would help. If you live in Austin and want to deliver any of these things to me before Sunday, email me or comment for my new address. But if you would rather just donate money for supplies to be purchased, you can do that at the Visiting Orphans website (just denote Haiti).

Medical Supplies Needed

- IV Tubing also needed

- Antibiotics (as much as possible)

- Antibiotic Ointment

- Children's Motrin

- Children's Tylenol

- Triaminic Syrup for Cold and Cough

- Automatic Blood Pressure pumps with cuffs for Children and Adults

- Stethoscopes

- Audi-Scopes with disposable covers

- Eye Drops for Conjunctivitis

- Keflex

- Ringworm Medicine

- Scabies Treatment/Ointment

- Anti-fungal cream

- sutur kits

- Epi Pens

- Benadryl

- Disposable Bed Pads

- Disposable Needle Container for used needles

- AccuCheck to check blood sugar levels

- 4 x 4 dressings

- dressings and bandages

- Gauze - sterile, pre-medicated, non-stick

- Medical Tape (basic)

- Butterflies Bandaids

- bandaids

- petroleum dressing

- digital thermometers (10)

- Plastic Gloves (All sizes and Both Sterile and Unsterile)

- IV Tape

- IV Butterflies

- 4-8 IV Stands

- Pediatric Growth Charts

- Pediatric Hospital Gowns

- One Full Pediatric Exam Room Set Up

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Shannon said...

Hi Anna! I was in the "journaling through the Bible" class you taught at the Stone a year or two ago, and I've been following your blog on and off since then. Anyways, I would love to bring some supplies for you to take with. Side note, I think this is an amazing opportunity, and I will be praying for you while you're there! I don't have a lot of medical supplies, but I thought I could pick up some packages of underwear and a few of the basics on the list. My e-mail address is skfrawley@gmail.com if you want to send me the specifics. Thanks for the opportunity to serve!