Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pressure's On

My friend Angela has been on my case for weeks now to start a blog. She’s recently become addicted and looking for a partner in crime, I’m sure. But all the typical (I’m guessing) insecurities about starting a blog kept me at bay. Who on earth would read it? What is the point? What do I talk about? Why in the world does anyone care what I have to say (in this case, write)?

Regardless of my inner fight, I found myself a week ago trying to set one up and ran into my first dilemma. Name chosen, background selected, done… but first post, ahhhh, no. Not ready for that. So another week goes by (with frequent reminders from Angela to “start posting already!”), and I realized I’m suffering from some strange, internet airwaves form of Writer’s Block. The dreaded FIRST POST! How do I start out? What is the most important thing to say, so much so, that it merits the coveted position of first post? Answer: nothing. There is nothing more valuable about the first post than any other post (hence my concern over why the heck would anyone read this to begin with?!). So, perhaps a snapshot of me is in order.

I am Anna. I am a follower of Jesus. I am a wife. I am a former agnostic turned Christian, and not just that, but a pastor’s wife (God’s irony is priceless). And the cherry on top is that I am also the wife of an artist and musician (it’s a lovely, kind of Neapolitan role I play to him). I am a daughter, a sister, and a step-sister. I am a writer, a world traveler, and pray-er. I am a learner. I am that freaky girl who doesn’t want to have kids. I laugh at my own humor more than other people do. And I am ready to start this blog, already! Pressure off.


ASuh said...

Woohoo! I love it! Welcome to the blogging world - I'm excited to read all you have to say . . . :)

Love ya - Angela

shaw said...

yeah! welcome to the blogging revolution!!!!

mal said...

Anna--When you kept asking yourself, "Who would want to read a blog of mine?" You could have answered, "My dad."

Yours for knowing and being known.

p.s. Thought you might enjoy this aphorism I recently heard,
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is mystery
Today is a gift...
That's why they call it "the present."

Anonymous said...

'bout time...I laugh at your humor..or used to, when I'd see you. I miss my Anna!